In this article, I delve into the world of User Experience (UX) and User Design, aiming to present these concepts in a way that even a layperson can grasp easily. While there are numerous articles discussing UX design, the typical definitions can be abstract to those unfamiliar with the field. I embarked on a mission to find a clear definition of User Experience that my 70-year-old aunt could understand, but I soon realized that there isn’t a single formal definition – rather, there are many interpretations.

Fortunately, my search led me to a valuable resource: a video featuring Don Norman, the person who coined the term “User Experience” and authored the renowned book “The Design of Everyday Things.” His down-to-earth approach to User Experience and the essence of a good UX Designer in the video was like discovering a pot of gold. Unlike a traditional lecture, his conversation-style explanation resonated with me.

In that video, Don Norman simply stated that user experience is all-encompassing – it encompasses the way we experience the world, our lives, the services we receive, or the apps we use. This explanation was the missing piece I needed to complete the explainer video I was working on.

I also stumbled upon a gem from Career Foundry: “The Fascinating History of UX Design: A Definitive Timeline.” This resource shed light on the connection between “Feng Shui” and human-centered UX Design. Surprisingly, I had overlooked this connection, even though I had books about Feng Shui in my personal library. It opened up new avenues for exploring the relationship between the ancient Chinese metaphysical concept of space and placement of elements in our living environments and human-centered UX design.

The inspiration behind creating the video was simple – I wanted to find an accessible way to explain UX Design to my family and friends. Interestingly, I wasn’t alone in this quest. Explaining my profession as a UX Designer often proves challenging because UX Design itself is a broad field, and different professionals within it may have diverse career paths.

Beyond just clarifying the meaning of User Experience, my goal with the explainer video was to showcase that we all encounter user experiences every day. As a User Experience researcher my job revolves around making those experiences more enjoyable and efficient for users. Through the video, I aimed not only to inform but also to entertain my audience.

In conclusion, User Experience and UX Design are multifaceted concepts that touch every aspect of our lives. By exploring various perspectives and using relatable examples, I hope to make these concepts more approachable and understandable to everyone.

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