Explainer Videos

Produced by Cara Harpole

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Outdoor wedding and church in the background

Stacy Wooten Relationship Consulting

Stacy helps clients of faith transform their relationships. I needed to create a story that would demonstrate a scenario where viewers could see the need to seek out a professional for counseling. 

Cara in court room with judges

What is UX Design?

How would you explain the meaning of UX Design so your friends and family could  understand?  This is exactly what I tried to do in this project.  Simplify the meaning of UX Design.  

Hand on paper with message stating reasons why people leave your website.

Why People Leave Your Website

This videos highlights the reasons why visitors might leave a website. There are key factors that businesses have to address to keep stakeholders more engaged. 

couple in real estate office

Real Estate Company

I had one minute describe this real estate firm’s services.  This video was focused on  John Breaux.   Illustrator was used to stitch two scenes  (see 0:48-0:52) together.  Photoshop was used to blend the grass from one frame to the other. 

Elephant on top of a circle film poster

Indie Meme's First Film Festival

 Alka Bhanot (co-founder) and I co-wrote the script. She wanted something fun and exciting–with an Austin, TX vibe. I kept the pace fast and to the point.  This was Indie Meme’s very first film festival and promotion. 

Man with hands open wide, list of texas cities and buildings in the background

Texstar Biz, A Business Idea

Texstarbiz is a a website portal designed to promote businesses in the state of Texas. This video highlights my writing, design, editing and branding skills. The logo has been updated. I wrote the jingle at the end.