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Finding a problem on a battle field is the difference between winning, and losing a war.  “A problem well stated is a problem 1/2 solved,” John Dewey.

UX Case Study

Queen Pelican Cleaning

Revisiting my 2018 Case Study.  I pose new questions about the green cleaning industry  in a time of COVID-as I reflect on what wrong with the first research and how it is in need of updated research.  Hear the story of Queen Pelican’s inception below.

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Our Story

Why Queen Pelican?


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BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

The BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill was the worst natural diaster in American history.  Pelican were shown drenched in crude oil.  Many harsh chemicals were used for the clean up causing more problems.


Queen Pelican Cleaning was born

The  Louisiana’s state bird – the brown pelicans were in danger because of the oil spill.   The new company needed a name that reflected a mission to honor the pelican and establish a green- cleaning  business model.


First UX Design Research


Was there a demand for green cleaning services?  Were users willing to pay more for those services? People often convey  concerns for the environment when asked by researchers, but do they seek out green products and services?  The market was still young in 2018.


COVID-19  Changed Everything

I interviewed an owner of a cleaning supply company shortly after the first COVID lock-down.  No one in town could keep bleach and other disinfectants  on their shelves.  New research is needed to test my first assumptions about attitudes and the demand of green cleaning products and services.

Case studies in various stages from 2018 to present

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What is UX Design?

I produced a short animated video explaining UX Design in an easy-to-understand way.  The inspiration behind this works came from the book “The Design of Everyday Things,” by Donald A. Norman.